Our Step-By-Step Process Of Proven Success During The Latter Stages Of A Bathroom Renovation

Rounding out the project is the final, yet pivotal, stage that focuses primarily on the implementation of the design elements alongside the actual installation of the bathroom amenities. This begins with our team of remodeling professionals supplementing any new wiring, framing/framework, piping, or plumbing that may be necessary and before transitioning into installing the traditional bathroom amenities, i.e., toilets, tubs, & cabinetry. After all features and amenities in the bathroom have been appropriately installed and are functioning optimally, the introduction of the bathroom’s updated hardware, lighting, and fixtures is next. Now that each outlet is properly wired and all faucets are allowing hot and cold water to flow uninhibitedly, the detail or finesse work is essential before the bathroom remodeling project’s finalization. As such, this typically includes sealing, glossing, texturing, and/or painting the bathroom’s interior features.

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