New Beginnings Become An Actual Reality With Our New Construction Services!

As many new, current, and prospective homeowners here in Arizona will attest to, the naturally occurring landscape that is common to the Southwest is equally alluring as it is challenging when it comes to surveying, mapping, taming, and ultimately cultivating it for habitational purposes. While the potential problems and inherent pitfalls that come with constructing a residential (home or house) property in the Arizona terrain are definitely daunting and can prove taxing to the untested or unproven, however, there is a reliable and viable solution readily available!

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The Volution and Solution of Local Construction Success!

It is with tremendous pride, great importance, and fortuitous opportunity that our company, ECHI, announces to you, our present or potential client, that we are now offering complete construction coverage involving new builds/construction and property development capacities throughout all of Arizona! Continue reading further because you’re curious to just precisely how ECHI can be a welcome addition to your upcoming/pending new construction endeavor.


Our New Construction System Is A Step-By-Step Process Of Efficiency!

In consideration towards the convenience of our clients, both existent and eventual, and as well as any other general (sub)contractors, we’ve provided a general outline as to how the construction experts here ECHI can manage, monitor, and guide accordingly, the progress of any/all new construction projects that we are responsible for directing. If you have further inquiries regarding any additional construction services/capacities that ECHI offers, require further expansion the construction capacities/services listed below, or would like to schedule your complimentary (truly cost or obligation-free!), on-site consultation, please feel free to call us directly here. For those local Arizona clients or fellow general contractors who already have an intimate understanding/familiarity with the [new] construction process, we strongly encourage you to fill out our Construction Request Form here.


Here’s How Our New Construction Professionals Can Help!

Please click on each phase/stage of our New Construction Services to learn more.

Site Assessment & Surveying


Permitting & Mediation

Construction Essentials

Tools, Machinery & Equipment

Labor & Logistics

Final Inspection & Walkthrough

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